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What we on the European Continent would like to see from UK MPS is a simple, substantial and trustful decision in the names of the people in the UK

Von   /  27. März 2019  /  News


For those who would prefere a second referendum, should push for a hault of this BREXIT process, mentioning the obvious uncertainty, whether the public still hast he same understanding about the BREXIT consequences. It is important to do this, because legislation to do so is needed first: So lay the ground for this proposal and […]

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„All in again“ next week, but with a new leader in the United Kingdom and a „Rock Anchor“ on the European Continent?

Von   /  23. März 2019  /  News

Great Britain remains politicly split in Parliament about the exit from the EU. There is obviously no way out of the current status quo between the members of Parliament. Positions haven‘t changed since 2016 for good reasons. And it is clear that any exit from the EU means that economies, whether here on the European […]

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