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All in for BREXIT in UK Parliament and the poker play moves on

Von   /   11. Januar 2019

While we all are monitoring MP debate about a BREXIT, the outlook is that one part of the referendum voters will be left in disappointment.

And so is the political situation then for GREAT BRITAIN over the upcoming years.

It’s a severe rift in the country and a political trap that freezes innovation, which affects trade investment and other vital issues.

Free movement is also a very important argument for another referendum, whether you would like this view at this stage or not.

Push the reset button and give way for the people to vote again upon the new situation, which is evident.

People will now have better information about what is an illusion and what is reality for in the future.

However, a HARD BREXIT will only have short term visible impact on the financial screens, when the Brexitiers and other institutions shall try to prevent markets to overreact, but this is a constant most likely risk, which cannot washed away over the longer term.

What Britain would then need in his future, is a much softer Pound Sterling, attracting investment inflow and competitive export conditions. But this is even not a guarantee, whether this will happen, because of uncertain circumstances. It all depends on trust for the future. Thus this poker play is going on then.

Britain is politicly devided, as it was at the time of the referendum. There is now change since then in the public, but there should be more realismn to deal with it. And again: The result of the last referendum showed up also a huge rift between the younger and older people.

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