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Change UK the British political independent group kicks off for another attempt to gain ground in the open public

Von   /   7. Juni 2019

Britain deserves better than the failing politics of the established parties

UK politics is chaotic and unstable at the moment, so it’s hardly surprising that people are tempted to look away or change the subject. With Corbyn’s Labour Party doing all it can to avoid engaging in the imminent Brexit crisis – and the Tories looking after their own interests rather than the country – it’s the established parties who also seem to lack any sense of urgency.

But walking away or pretending things are business-as-usual just isn’t a responsible option. And as everyone should know, Change UK feels passionately that the national interest means stepping up and fighting for what’s right, not just in good times but even more so when things get tough.

Giving the public a genuine choice in the centre ground is crucial, with policies that are evidence-based, not led by ideology, taking a long-term perspective to the challenges of the twenty-first century in the national interest.

That’s why Change UK decided to move ahead with its policy development process in the coming weeks, involving supporters and activists, with Ann Coffey leading on their Change Politics programme. In particular  to take a different approach, engaging in deliberative thinking across all regions and nations and considering each stage of life together with the role of the family, the community and the state.

Change UK is also determined to develop and broaden the whole party organisation, including those who’ve stood as candidates, have experience in local government and who want to get more involved. Joan Ryan will be the MP lead to kick start new membership arrangements.

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