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E.ON strengthens its expertise in digital and networked customer solutions with a new partnership

Von   /   17. Oktober 2017

The company acquires a stake in Cuculus, a software start-up based in Ilmenau. Together, the partners develop solutions for the intelligent house of the future. The technical basis for this is the Internet of Things (IoT), in which different devices and systems can communicate and control each other via the Internet.


In the new energy world, solar systems, battery storage systems – including virtual ones such as the E.ON SolarCloud – and electric vehicles and charging systems are all part of the house. All these systems must be continuously automated and coordinated in order to use energy as efficiently as possible. Energy customers are freed more independently of the energy supplier and at the same time of the complexity that would be associated with the optimization of each individual system. Smart meters and IoT technology provide the communication necessary for coordination.


With ZONOS, Cuculus has an IoT platform designed to meet this need. At the same time, the system is already being used by numerous customers worldwide for the management of smart meters. The solution, which has been continuously improved since 2007, is characterised by its high security standard, scalability and flexibility.


“Cuculus sets itself apart from the competition with its easily expandable and powerful platform. Together with Cuculus, we are developing products that will form the core of the decentralized energy system of the future,” says Philipp Ulbrich, Head of Innovation Scouting and Strategic Co-Investment at E.ON.


Kjartan Skaugvoll, CEO of Cuculus, comments: “E.ON has convinced us with their vision and unconditional commitment to address the challenges of the future energy market. Innovation and agility are key success factors that connect us.”

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