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EU gives way to extend UK Brexit debates under Article 50 to finally settle agreements in the next future

Von   /   11. April 2019

There is no doubt that all parties involved, whether on the Continent or in the UK, try to prevent a „Hard Brexit“, as this would trigger negative chain reactions for the trade relations.

And it is also clear that those hardliners within the UK Concervatives would try to recommend drastic tax reductions after Brexit is cleared up, piling again pressure upon the EU.

So where are we now:

Brexit has exposed all that is wrong with today’s political parties in the UK. But this country faces challenges that go deeper than Brexit, as the  economy is underperforming. Too many people live in poverty, or struggle to make ends meet.

While the UK society ages, many are worrying about how they could  look after their families. Crime is on the rise. This place in the world is uncertain and the risks to the environment is growing.

It is clear that there is considerable support for change in the UK as people recognise that the politics of the main political parties is broken. The Labour Party is in the grip of Momentum whilst the Conservative Party continues to drift to the right.

It is only now that common practise in the UK Parliament is in a process to change, because government majority is gone for longer.

Taking part in the EU elections in May 2019 should unfold that some MPS may have lost their seats and that will change UK Parliament structure as a whole.

But whether this extension under Article 50 is enough to clear up all of theses matters is unlikely.

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