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GASPOOL publishes new fees and neutrality charges effective from October 2017

Von   /   21. August 2017

Berlin (Germany). GASPOOL Balancing Services GmbH has now published the new neutrality charges and fees it has set for its market area with effect from 1 October 2017 in a timely manner.


The balancing neutrality charge that is applied to gas supplies to non-daily metered “SLP” exit points will go down significantly, from 0.75 €/MWh to 0.20 €/MWh. The “RLM” balancing neutrality charge – the one charged for gas supplies to intraday-metered exit points – will also drop sharply from 0.25 €/MWh to 0.08 €/MWh.

The “split pot” balancing neutrality arrangements – under which separate charges are levied for the two types of exit points – were introduced in an administrative ruling setting out new gas balancing rules issued in 2014 by the German national regulatory authority Bundesnetzagentur (the so-called “GabiGas 2.0” decision) and have been in effect since October 2015.

As of the start of the new gas year GASPOOL will also reduce the fee it charges for use of the GASPOOL Hub, the virtual trading point (VTP) of the GASPOOL market area, slightly from 0.1528 cents/MWh to 0.1500 cents/MWh.

The gas quality conversion fee applied in the market area will be raised from 0.40 €/MWh to 0.45 €/MWh from October 2017. The higher fee is to incentivise market participants to deliver more low CV gas to the market area instead of having high

CV gas quantities converted by the market area manager under the gas quality conversion mechanism.

As is already the case today, no conversion fee will be charged for the conversion of gas from low CV to high CV quality. The conversion neutrality charge applied by GASPOOL will drop slightly from 0.022 €/MWh to 0.017 €/MWh.

For the first time, both the conversion fee and the conversion neutrality charge will apply for a full gas year, as opposed to the current arrangements, under which the charges are adjusted every six months.

Overview Now NEW from 10/2017

 SLP balancing neutrality charge 0.75 €/MWh 0.20 €/MWh RLM balancing neutrality charge 0.25 €/MWh 0.08 €/MWh VTP fee 0.1528 cents/MWh 0.1500 cents/MWh Conversion fee H to L 0.40 €/MWh 0.45 €/MWh Conversion fee L to H Zero Zero Conversion neutrality charge 0.022 €/MWh 0.017 €/MWh

For more information, please visit our company website at www.gaspool.de.

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