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Gasprice indices reflecting changing trade connections under the impact of a Hard Brexit

Von   /   1. August 2019

The European Union and Great Britain have to find an intelligent and diligent application to handle the circumstances around BREXIT, as the future of changing trade connections are already impacting authentic price interpretation, but also investment strategies. All of these gas price developments, to be seen below as an excample for all energy products, were triggered by the sliding Pound Sterling as an indicator how the market interprets the particular situation. While the main price trend is up for this year, the political debate about BREXIT has had its clear translated reactions. May all responsible political leaders consider the consequences of their doings.

Since the markets are exagerating from the moment on when Boris Johnson took over  leadership as PM, his mandate is now confronted  also by aspects concerning recession in the UK, and traders get on this track of market spirit now.


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