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UK Parliament rejects the EU deal to leave, but is this still the vote of the people in the United Kingdom?

Von   /   16. Januar 2019

Yesterday’s result upon this paper to leave the European Union was no surprise, but the question is, whether the UK Parliament has a real chance to go on forward like this, as the country is completely divided.

We understand that many MP voted just in the name of the voting results in their own constituencies they had in the 2016 referendum. There was fewer refreshed individual conviction

However, everyone should be honest enough to admit that the story about the reasons to feel upset about the European Union was explained in a rather populist manner. And the 48 percent of people wanting to stay, are treated since then in a very arrogant way.

So meanwhile there has come much more clarity in the minds of the population. And especially immigration numbers changed dramatically within the EU, but also in your country. Thus, another referendum should be the fairest way to find out what to do next, whether the result is then the same or different. You shouldn’t be scary to move this way.

The European Union deserves clarity about what the United Kingdom really judges now for their future.


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